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Malaysia is on the Road to E-Invoicing

In March 2023, Malaysia Decided to implement obligatory E-invoicing to improve the quality of service and increase the efficiency of business operation.

A phased introduction of e-Invoicing is confirmed by the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) according to the 2023 Budget.

It will come into effect gradually from early 2024.   

 New E-Invoicing guideline and timeline 

A new e-invoicing guidance v2.1 was published by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRBM) on 28 October 2023. In the guidance, a new timeline for mandatory e-invoicing is announced.

E-invoicing will be implemented gradually as follows:

1 August 2024

Taxpayers who have an annual turnover or revenue of more than RM 100 million.

1 January 2025

Taxpayers who have an annual turnover or revenue of more than RM 25 million.

1 July 2025

All remaining taxpayers.

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Introduction to E-Invoicing and Its Importance in the Digital Age


The digital transformation wave has been sweeping across various industries, revolutionizing traditional business practices. One of the most significant changes we've witnessed is in the field of invoicing. Businesses are now moving away from manual, paper-based invoicing systems to electronic invoicing, or E-Invoicing. This shift has been encouraged and in some instances mandated by government bodies worldwide.

In Malaysia, the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) recently announced its E-Invoice Guideline Year 2023. This comprehensive guide outlines the who, what, and how of implementing E-Invoicing across businesses in Malaysia.

The Need for Digital Transformation in Invoicing

The digital era has increased the speed and volume of transactions exponentially. Traditional invoicing can no longer keep up with this fast-paced environment. The manual entry of data, human errors, delays in approvals, and the time-consuming process of physical delivery are just a few drawbacks of paper-based invoicing.

Enter E-Invoicing. This digital format not only speeds up the invoicing process but also makes it more efficient and accurate. E-Invoicing allows for real-time tracking, automates many of the manual processes, and eliminates the need for physical storage.

E-Invoicing in Malaysia

In line with the global trend, Malaysia has been making significant strides in adopting E-Invoicing. To streamline the tax administration and make it more efficient, the Malaysian government is set to implement E-Invoicing in phases. This move aims to increase the efficiency of tax administration, decrease the cost of compliance, and improve overall financial management for businesses.

The E-Invoice Guideline issued by the IRBM is a step towards the official adoption of E-Invoicing in Malaysia. This guide covers various aspects, including:

  • Types of transactions that require E-Invoices
  • Who needs to comply
  • Key features and concepts
  • Step-by-step implementation guidance
  • Practical examples and common questions

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